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  • 1 hour session

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No doubt you’re familiar with newborn photography. Is there anything cuter than a sweet little babe curled up in an oversized basket? Probably not… But there’s a new style of newborn photography gaining popularity amongst parents like you! We’re talking newborn LIFESTYLE photography. 

With newborn lifestyle photographer, I come to YOU. The backdrop is your home. A place that’s familiar. Warm. Calming. A place your baby is already forming an attachment to. A place that tells a story. Of family. Of love… And much like a natural-light studio, lifestyle portraits are best captured in light streaming through your bedroom or nursery windows.


As a lifestyle photographer, my goal is always to tell a STORY. And that can be a challenge when photographing the baby by him/herself. Newborn lifestyle photography incorporates mum and dad – even siblings and pets too!


There is no real timeline for booking lifestyle photography. Of course, most parents still choose to schedule these sessions right away – babies change FAST, after all! But nothing is stopping you from shooting months down the road, when baby can respond to your cooing and even grace the camera with a smile.


So what's the difference between studio newborn photography and newborn lifestyle photography?


Lifestyle is about LIFE. It’s about moments. It’s that picture of your husband melting into a puddle when his baby girl lets out a big yawn. It’s the butterfly kisses you can’t help but smother your baby boy with just because he’s so gorgeous! It’s even that adorable face he/she makes when crying – yes, crying – in your arms. It’s not about the perfect pose. It’s ALL beautiful. It should ALL be documented. And guess what else?! A few relaxed, solo shots of your baby are almost always possible to capture as well! Win. Win. Win.

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